Our green planet earth is facing dramatic changes following the acceleration of human development and exploitation of natural resources indiscriminately. Global warming isn’t just a warning, like a fragile global ecosystem is very close to tip the balance. So, for humanity to find solutions to align their needs in harmony with nature. This solution would be to build green homes.

There are many different ways to build green homes. One fine method is to use a very high architectural arrangements that can use of a maximum of natural resources such as solar wind, thus reducing the use of air conditioners that are pollution and save money on your electricity bill. Another method is to use photovoltaic solar cells in order to save electricity. Use of materials available locally, using natural materials for preservation. Other methods include the construction of houses as well as broad as it is really necessary. Installation of a small tank of services, recycled water for gardening and rainwater are important principles for the establishment of greenhouses.

Construction of green homes have many benefits attached. According to some experts, greenhouses, well designed, consume up to 30% less than those not built with this in mind. Because green buildings use natural light and air, may be a healthy place to live and enhance human productivity, with the benefit of lower bills medical accessories.

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